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ALPLiNGS - tasty mountain food

ALPLiNGS is the idea of bringing some of the traditional cooking from South-Tyrol to the British Isles and open new food horizons; doing my bit to introduce better balanced eating patterns, just like in the old times. The origin was my love of food especially awakened by who else but my grandmothers. So why not try to bring some joy to other peoples' lives with a plate of good food!

About a decade later and having moved from South Tyrol to East Australia and on to Scotland, cooking for a living was an idea that began to appeal to me more and more... ALPLiNGS (although the name wasn't there yet) was the fantasy of a dream restaurant.

Life moved on and 5 years passed. Now spending time with my daughter during my paternity leave gave me the courage to start this adventure. With the support of close relatives and friends I bought a "Mountain Hut" which would fold into my van! ALPiNGS - tasty mountain food - a condensed Alpine experience delivered in a street food setting was on the road and running.

Being mentored by grandmothers and Irene, headchef at Daimer, I introduced alplings - a traditional alpine staple, a vegetarian breadbased dumpling - to Edinburgh. Thanks to my fiance's suggestion, we put our now famous Apfelstrudl on the menu too. After a while customers wondered whether alplings would be available for home-cooking. So from then on, alplings rolled into peoples very own pots and pans... satisfaction on both sides!

With the help of our great A-Team members along the way we are now entering our 3rd year. In this time we have drawn on the culinary heritage of the Dolomites where Austrian cuisine meets Italian gastronomy - the best from both worlds. We have embraced Italian Pepperonata - our Pepper Goulash - as a Gluten-Free and VeGan addition to our menu; we have even created our own vegan alpling. Who knows what's next - Aubergine Schnitzel perhaps?

We are excited with our next little step towards Leith. Visit us at 16, Henderson Street as soon as it opens hopefully late 2016. Stay tuned, hop on the mailing list.

I met some great people along this steep mountainous path of self-employment besides getting to know more about myself. I'm lucky to have a great family and friends who support me. Without their backing none of this would have happened.

Thanks to YOU, who enjoy our food, for making this happen.